We help you keep your industrial processes flowing.  It's as simple as that.  From components to complete systems, Vacuum Solutions is the trusted application experts who are here to serve your industrial needs.

Vacuum Solutions supports industries in the USA and Canada.   Foundries, steel mills, paper mills, and other industries rely on our ability to provide excellent vacuum equipment and components.  The online presence of Vacuum Solutions is managed by CAT Equipment Company which was established in 2000 to service industrial markets.

We provide application engineering support to help you configure and design your industrial vacuum system.    Professional drawing packages and installation services ensure that your central vacuum system performs to your demanding expectations.

Many prominent companies have trusted us to provide a full line of products and services.   We have installations in Buffalo, St. Louis, Denver, Cincinnati, Lexington, and Indianapolis.   That's just naming a few.   We help you buy your industrial vacuum components and systems with confidence.  

We proudly associate with the following organizations:

International Association of Operative Millers
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Manufacturers' Agents of Cincinnati