Drum Vacuum - Stainless steel

One of the latest creations from Vacuum Solutions, see our Drum Vacuum in action:

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Do you need help cleaning your pipes?



Pipe cleaning chores can be a pain without the proper tools. 



We offer a wide selection of shockproof, specialty vacuum hose tools and accessories. 

Please call or email for your quote today.

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Check out our shockproof industrial vacuum hose. 

We also carry color coded shockproof / crushproof industrial vacuum hose solutions. 

Our yellow and white shock proof industrial vacuum hoses are crush proof, longer lasting, non-marking (epoxy floors) and allow you to color code their use for specific areas or applications (white is often food contact). 

We keep a large inventory of shock proof vacuum hose (black or white skim coat) in stock for quick ship to your door. 

Please call or email for your quote today. 

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