Compressed Air Vacuums: 18gal or 55gal

Choose from an 18 gallon or 55 gallon capacity for your next wet/dry vacuum cleaner.  These units are non-electric and ideal for hazardous dust. Filter systems are grounded assuring you of spark free operation. 

Silica Sand Clean-Up

If you're looking for an industrial vacuum system for silica sand clean-up, we can help you select the optimal equipment for the job.   With regulations changing, now is the time to take a closer look at the best industrial vacuum system to suit your needs.

Conductive Vacuum Hose

We have the only static conductive hose in 1 inch, 1 ¼ inch, 1 ½ & 2 inch ID’s.

Standard lengths are 10 ft, 15 ft , 25 ft and 50 ft, custom lengths are available upon request.
The cuffs are also static conductive and can be fixed or swivel.
The plastic polyethylene resin contains carbon black which provides a permanent static conductive surface resistivity of 10/1-10/5. Temperature range is -20F-140F. It is crush-proof, does not require grounding of a wire, and can be spliced if an area is worn or damaged.